IMG_20170610_170359_1CS .its a long road to get there

Lady if you have a ring on your finger,I suggest you relax,don’t stress yourself I will tell you why later. Well,it all started very innocently. I boarded a bus to go home in the evening, and as we were waiting for it to get full,I saw this guy from the window. I hoped he would come board the same bus. I said a silent prayer to the heavens. Ohhh,it must have been my lucky day,or the heavens were in favour of me for how “good” I had become. He came in.

As I looked up,there was a visible smile on my lips 🙂 . As he quickly scanned the bus to identify a sitting spot,I said another quick prayer,”God,the sit next to me is empty,please lead his feet here…” Ohhhh another miracle my way.And people say prayers are not answered. As I pretended…

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To the man who will get the above title,congratulations. Its not an easy journey and am certain am no easy woman to deal with.I don’t know how it will be or what you will have to go through to get there,but I wish you all the best. There are so many things and responsibilities that will come with that title,but I hope we will get through them all together.


You will have to by pass my sisters. Most people are afraid of brothers,but well,the Francis’ girls are something and am no exception. One of my sisters is talkative, crazy and really knows how to tell her mind. She actually thinks any male friend I have or I introduce to them will be her brother in-law. One day,out of nowhere,she told me,”Wambu,usioe Trevor Noah,anakuanga so serious. (Wambu,don’t marry Trevor Noah, he usually is so serious)” The irony in the…

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The Six Musketeers: Get to know the District PR Team

How exciting can this ever get? Mama I made it Happy Belated They call me the greatest The main role of Rotaract has and will always be developing leadership skills in its members. I'm a great beneficiary of this. Ever since joining five years ago, I've grown through the ranks from being a club director … Continue reading The Six Musketeers: Get to know the District PR Team

A Rotaractor’s Guide of Maintaining Peace in 2017 Elections: Rotary 4-Way Test

The 4-Way Test is one of the world's most widely printed and quoted statements of business ethics that was developed in 1932 by Rotarian Herbet J. Taylor and was later adopted by Rotary International in 1943. I know a number of Rotaractors know this by heart, just as they know the Grace but how many of … Continue reading A Rotaractor’s Guide of Maintaining Peace in 2017 Elections: Rotary 4-Way Test

Do You Wanna Tee? Rotary Langata Got You!

The conquest of an Executive in a big company is always becoming a member of some prestigious golf club. Either in the lavish Karen Country Club or the leafy suburbs of Muthaiga. Golf has always been considered a gentleman's game - more of a rich gentleman's game. To most executives, it's never that serious, about winning … Continue reading Do You Wanna Tee? Rotary Langata Got You!

Percy Davies Project -Foundation

Ready Aiders Foundation requests for your contribution in its  borehole project for Percy Davies special. Percy Davies special school- Kambiti is a mixed boarding school for learners with mental challenges. However, it has learners with multiple handicaps, orphans and others who are vulnerable. It has a total population of 84 pupils. The school does not … Continue reading Percy Davies Project -Foundation

Love Brewed in a Matatu

I hate when people see me at the supermarket and they’re like, “hey, what are you doing here?” in my mind am like “oh you know hunting elephatns” Haha! Hunting elephants in deed. It’s still Njaanuary and the heat is insane. We still got two more weeks and get to cross over to the most … Continue reading Love Brewed in a Matatu

‘When You Gonna Bring a Girl Home’

It's a new year and it's already nine days old. Time does fly by fast. Welcome to Njaanuary, the Sun is excessively too hot and the pockets just too empty. Anyway. Kick-ass title, right? All single men (as myself) in my age group or older will attest that the one question you always wanna avoid … Continue reading ‘When You Gonna Bring a Girl Home’

Happy Birthday. To Me!

So I turned a year older yesterday (hoooooooooooray). Doesn't feel any different but am glad am year and a day older now. The past one year has been a mixture of great winnings and losses/disappointments but more of winnings. I have achieved a few of the objectives I had set out in the year and … Continue reading Happy Birthday. To Me!