IMG_20170610_170359_1CS .its a long road to get there

Lady if you have a ring on your finger,I suggest you relax,don’t stress yourself I will tell you why later. Well,it all started very innocently. I boarded a bus to go home in the evening, and as we were waiting for it to get full,I saw this guy from the window. I hoped he would come board the same bus. I said a silent prayer to the heavens. Ohhh,it must have been my lucky day,or the heavens were in favour of me for how “good” I had become. He came in.

As I looked up,there was a visible smile on my lips 🙂 . As he quickly scanned the bus to identify a sitting spot,I said another quick prayer,”God,the sit next to me is empty,please lead his feet here…” Ohhhh another miracle my way.And people say prayers are not answered. As I pretended…

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