The Six Musketeers: Get to know the District PR Team

How exciting can this ever get?

Mama I made it
Happy Belated
They call me the greatest

Official T-shirt Design for the Rotaract Club of Daystar – Valley Road

The main role of Rotaract has and will always be developing leadership skills in its members. I’m a great beneficiary of this. Ever since joining five years ago, I’ve grown through the ranks from being a club director to becoming a District Director. In each successive year, I’ve held one or two roles, at a club, country/district level. And this is what Rotaract is all about – developing a leader out of each one of us.

d9212So starting July 1, I’ll be the Public Relations Director for Rotaract District 9212, covering Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Eritrea. It’s an exciting role but this post isn’t meant to discuss what I will be doing as PR. But to introduce my team. I’ve chosen the best of the best. From award-winning Rotaract Clubs. The crème de la crème.

  1. Wacheke Maina – Chief Editor & Assistant District Public Relations Director

FB_IMG_1496997153891Besides being a blogger, the Economics Major student at Kenyatta University is an editor at the Rotaract Club of Kenyatta University. She’s contributed numerously in Rotaract publications.  And she’s got it all – the beauty and the brains. She’ll be taking charge of a new online and print publication we’re launching soon.

2. Samuel Karanja – Media Relations Director

FB_IMG_1496997658739He’s one gentleman I’ve come to respect despite his 1GB posture (pun intended)! He reminds me of my younger self when I had just joined Rotaract, all active and doing possibly everything to promote the Rotary name. Besides being my Media Relations guy, he’ll be RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) Kenya Vice-Chair, ADRR (Assistant District Rotaract Representative) and a member of the DCA 2018 committee. Moreover, his passion and commitment to Rotaract is unparalleled and beyond words.

3. Effie Muriama – Social Media Relations Director

FB_IMG_1496997523572A Public Relations student at Daystar University, Effie takes up the role of the one thing she has come to love – social media. Day one into her job, she had this elaborate plan on revamping our social media space and it was impressive. As outgoing Club Service Director of her club, the Rotaract Club of Kikuyu, she has helped the club to be ranked as top ten clubs in public relations 2016/17.

4. Rita Mumo – Assistant Social Media Relations Director

FB_IMG_1497001340947She may be the silent one but she’s definitely a bright mind. She loathes small talk and conversations with her leaves you amazed on her wealth of wisdom and knowledge. She once told me she’s an introvert but from the few interactions I’ve had with her, she’s an ambivert. She’s passionate about public relations and more so social media, no wonder her club, the Rotaract Club of JKUAT was nominated for the ROLA (Rotaract District Leadership Awards) for Best Club in Public Relations, fitting perfectly for the role of Assistant Social Media Relations Director.

Read her blog here

5. Terry wa Francis – Editor

FB_IMG_1496997569504She once wrote on her blog a letter to her future husband. Damn! This guy had his work cut out for him, to woo this fine damsel. Reading through her blog, I remember, I was convinced I needed to have her in my team and I immediately called Wacheke my Deputy and I told we needed her in the team. And just like, she became our Editor, working under Wacheke. Besides being an amazing writer and blogger, she’s got a great sense of humor – jokes that you never see coming ensuring you leave a rib or two cracked. Read her letter to her future husband here

6. That’s Me. The Big Kahuna (read District Public Relations Director)

thisguymuto 2



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