Do You Wanna Tee? Rotary Langata Got You!

golf-slide3The conquest of an Executive in a big company is always becoming a member of some prestigious golf club. Either in the lavish Karen Country Club or the leafy suburbs of Muthaiga. Golf has always been considered a gentleman’s game – more of a rich gentleman’s game. To most executives, it’s never that serious, about winning on the 18th hole but more of creating networks. I can bet you most CEOs who take time on their lunch breaks to dash to some golf club nearby, isn’t really for the sport but creating a new business network to which explore and bring forth profits to the company.

Golf is a preserve of those that have some chumes. For instance, the cost to join Karen Country Club are in the regions of over Kshs. 300,000.

Photo Courtesy of Karen Country Club

So if you really love golf (like I do), you need to be seriously loaded (like effing loaded). But if you got the interest, how can you still get to enjoy the game? Well, Rotary Club of Langata got you covered on this one. It’s dubbed the Tee Off For A Difference.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-19 at 20.59.55

It’s a charity golf tournament at the prestigious Karen Country Club and proceeds from the event will go towards a needy child’s education. Charges are only 2,500/-  and even if you don’t know to tee, you still join us for the cocktails in the evening. Fore more details, click here


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