‘When You Gonna Bring a Girl Home’

It’s a new year and it’s already nine days old. Time does fly by fast. Welcome to Njaanuary, the Sun is excessively too hot and the pockets just too empty. Anyway.

Kick-ass title, right? All single men (as myself) in my age group or older will attest that the one question you always wanna avoid whenever you’re around your folks or family is when you gonna bring a girl home?  I’ve fell victim to this countless times with my grandma most especially when I travel upcountry to check on my rabbits (lol) and she faces me with the same question, ukareta mutumia rii (translated from the Kiembu dialect, when you will bring a wife?)

This question, ladies and gentlemen is not an easy one to answer, and worse if you’re single. Cause it’ll lead to even other tougher questions

Why are you single?

Don’t you have female friends you could woo? 

The downside of not having an answer to any of these questions is your folks will start recommending “suitable brides” that you could choose and probably marry REALLY SOON!!!

This actually did happen to me though it was well planned out and my folks weren’t direct. So my mom calls me three days to Christmas to inform me of plans for the five of us (I have two siblings btw) – Sunday thanksgiving at our rural church (where my brother and I were christened) then a dinner with a close family friend and his family. Now this ‘dinner’ wasn’t actually a dinner but more of an introduction (or so I thought).

This family friend (whom I shall not name) is a great friend of my dad and a fellow wamunyota. The supposed ‘recommended bride’ was a beautiful daughter to dad’s pal who had graduated with a Bachelor’s in Architecture some months back. She had this geekish look, well, owing to the OMEGA frames she wore.

Anyway, the planned “betrothal” seemed to have failed though she did give me her number. And maybe one day I’ll slide to her DM

The pic above, pretty right? I’m not acquainted to her though I wouldn’t mind (FISI mode). The pic isn’t actually related to this storo, I just loved it and just saw it’d look perfect here. You don’t get to bask in such beauty and keep it yourself. Sharing is caring! (lol)


I know I’ve been off for a while. Work manenos but I’m back with lots to write home about. Thank you for your support. The greatest gift from God this festive season has been YOU. My loyal readers.



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