My Greatest Love…

50 years ago, deep in the Ngoroiri forest, three ululations echoed through the forest, signaling the birth of a girl. Five more followed later, announcing the arrival of her twin brother. Born to a MauMau war veteran father and an industrious farmer mother, she was destined to be great. Not the great as compared to that of Michelle Obama, but great of being a mother to more than three awesome, great, fabolous, (am out of adjectives) children.

Well, this girl, obviously is my mother – Mrs. Catherine G. Muto, whom I owe my life to. She brought me to this world, together with my brother and kid sister three years and eight years respectively after I signed my membership to this world. To a stranger in the street, she easily passes as a calm cool mom but she is tough (trust me, she is lol)!

See, she looks cool right?

Yesterday was her birthday. But it wasn’t just like any other birthday. She was turning the big 5-0. This is something to celebrate about, right?


My mother is one of a kind. She’s special in a way. Why, you may ask?

  1. Despite birthing three kids, she adopted two sisters and their brother who had just become orphans and had no where else to go. And the divine rule in our house was, blood relation or not, we were all equal. We were all brothers and sisters living under one roof. And all through, I’ve been the big brother to five siblings. This gesture is in a way what propelled me to join Rotary – give an opportunity to a less fortunate person to a happy decent life.
  2. She’s a mother, not only to us but to my over 200+ cousins (yeah, 200. My grandfather was that busy [lol]). She was ever motherly whenever my cousins visited, rushing to the kitchen to make her famous tasty chapatis (which I may announce, I’ve taken up the cue from her) and ensuring we had to our fill and still carry some.

So as she turns 50 years plus one day today, I just wish her nothing but a very long life, to be able to see my own grandkids.

Happy birthday mama!

My mom and my kid sister, Annette
Mother and Son

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