Wajibika Forum: Conversations That Bring Change


Unemployment amongst the youth has been a major problem within Kenya as a society in General. This is partial resultant from the systematic dependent and
priority branding of white collar jobs, nevertheless youths in Kenya are among
the world’s most innovative, credited with creating viable solutions to various

the IDEA

Wajibika Forum is organized by young people for young people in Embu and around the globe. It creates a platform that will challenge the public to get involved
in solving community challenges around them, specifically issues of unemployment among the youth. We want to bring change through conversations with this forums and engrave the spirit of “Do It” among the youth.




Is to empower the youth to realize growth individually, collectively and holistically, as a remedy to creating employment opportunities.



The WAJIBIKA FORUM aims to reach out to young people and create awareness of their responsibilities while also reaching out to individuals who have dreams and aspirations and need to be inspired to achieve their goals in life and society at large.

In Kenya, the movement of change is being carried under Imagine Kenya hosted by Embu Youth Aids Advocate (EYAA) to reach out to youth who need a platform to share or get empowered with information and opportunities in their society. The initiative shall be aiming at ridding off the notion that one needs to have immense resources to start up or take up innovative projects to benefit both the individual and society. Though necessary it should not be the determining factor of whether or not we implement ideas or take opportunities around us.

Replacing this with the ideology of active participation and involvement in social, economic and civic duties, and accepting the challenges facing the youth and that we are part of the solution that we want effected if we all play our active roles in our society.


1st Wajibika Forum – Embu Edition

The first edition of Wajibika Forum was held on 30th September at the prestigious Izaak Walton Inn in Embu. The event hosted James Wamaitha, Anto Neo Soul and Dr. Patrisio Njiru talking about:-

  1. Opportunities in Agriculture
  2. Entrepreneurship in Skills & Talent
  3. Opportunities in IT.
  4. Climate change


How the event progressed, well, I’ll let the pictures tell the entire story. (Pictures courtesy of Kibali Pictures)


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