#RCLangataInvasion: Let’s Do It Again, Shall We?

So, I should start by saying that I never thought this could work. Even some guys were a bit skeptical about it but it worked out perfectly. And now, I want to do more invasions.

Club invasions is a common thing within the rotary family (Rotary/Rotaract) where clubs invade one another’s fellowship and where the invader has more members in the meeting, they get to take away a prize (mostly the president’s chain or the club’s bell) but a Rotaract invasion of a Rotary Club was totally unheard of. It had never been done in the long history of Rotary in Kenya. Sure, we hang out with them during community projects or social events but an invasion, that was totally a grey area.

That evening before our presentation, Rotaractors started streaming into the PDR room of the exclusive Nairobi Club in groups and the Rotarians that had arrived by that time starting whispering, “have Rotaractors decided to invade us today?” said one Rotarian. “They can’t invade us. It’s not allowed” said another. Truly, the Rotarians were scared by the big number of Rotaractors present.

Shortly, the meeting started with the usual Rotary protocols; the national anthem, the Rotary grace, the four-way test, the toast to the President of the Republic of Kenya and a brief introduction of guests present. Rotarian Njonjo stood up thereafter to introduce the speaker of the day, who was a Rotaractor and well known to the Rotarians, Quinter Akeyel.


Best part of the evening was during the Q&A session where after answering all the questions, four Rotarians stood up and pledged $100 each towards the project. This was welcomed with cheer from the Rotaractors. $400 had been secured from the Rotarians of Langata making the invasion a success. And even a bigger success was the fact that Rotaractors present in that meeting were more than the hosts; 39 against 33. Well, if Rotary did allow Rotaract Clubs invade Rotary Clubs, right now a beautiful presidential chain would be sitting gracefully in my house (lol).


So, shall we do another Rotary Invasion? Definitely yes!


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