Love or Hate Her. Njoki Chege Still Wins

The hardest thing that can ever happen to a blogger or a writer is “writers block” where you virtually have no idea on what you want to write about.

This been happening to me a lot. On my dashboard are a number of unfinished posts which I hardly think I’ll ever finish off on them.

But today is different. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve written about her. She amuses me a lot. Actually, I find her to be a very interesting lass. She has this dramatic journalistic life that’s worth writing a book over but hey, I wouldn’t waste my time on it. She’s a lady we’ve come to love and hate in almost equal measure. Njoki Chege.

She sprung into the limelight with her beef for Subaru-driving lads of Nairobi. Article after article she bashed them, trying to prove how chauvinistic these Subaru fanatics were but I think one of those ‘chauvinists’ got to silence her on this topic once for all (and probably got her loving Subaru, who knows)…

The Silencer!!!

She then moved to hating on plus-sized women. Well, I understand why she’d hate on them. She eats so much but we all know where it ends up… (oops!). Then came the diss on the ‘rich daddy and mommy pastors’ of Nairobi. And to crown it all up, the article dedicated to celebrated lawyer Donald Kipkorir. I’ve read newspaper columns that were really interesting and captivating but this one is by far the best I’ve read. Not because of the crap she was saying about this great lawyer but how she was using the lingua to just “chongoa” DBK.

With every passing contreversial article she jotted down, #KOT would go on a rampage to show their disgust. I’d be tempted to go on the rampage too and give her a word or two but am a realist. I like seeing things from all angles – both winning and losing. And know what, Njoki will always win. The more you hate her the more her ratings go up. You’ll constantly be at her column every Saturday, oogling and waiting for the next reason to show how much you loathe?

Let me ask you.. Have you ever wondered why Njoki Chege wasn’t let go in the recent retrenchments by NMG while celebrities like Sheila Mwanyigha bid goodbye to NTV?


Tafakari hayo….



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