The Millennials – Students’ Unrests

It was just yesterday I was conversing with a friend, telling her how I’d lost my blogging momentum. It’s been a crazy and hugely disappointing past few weeks and I seem to have lost interest on most things that I used to find amusing (but interestingly I got more interested in food, no wonder I’ve added some kilos). She told me that I need to force my to write again and to gain interest on all those other things. Well here goes…

Over recent weeks there has been a spate of students’ unrest in schools that have left schools, both public and private, counting losses nearing millions. The reasons given for this indecency has ranged from being denied access to watch the just concluded Euro 2016 to ‘not being left’ out in undertaking the school strike. One would think the students from the different schools had some ingenious way of communicating with each other taking into consideration how more than one school in one particular area were affected. This increased unrest among students should be a huge cause of worry more so to the parents owing to the huge bills awaiting them to settle once the students return to school.

Today in the morning, this issue of students going on the rampage was the topic of discussion in a certain WhatsApp group and from the conversations you could easily tell a few things that were cropping up. Here is an excerpt of the discussion:

“2 Schools currently on fire. Ruthimitu mixed school in Kikuyu & Malindi high school🔥🔥”


“That happened to us as well, we didn’t want to be left out so we followed suit…foolishness of a few weak minded students”


“Putting myself in their shoes it’s all mob mentality and I’m sure there is no apparent reason they’re striking. I remember in high school we went on strike because Ngara girls had gone on strike so just one question was asked, ‘kwani sisi ni mafala aje’ and boom”


“a teacher tells a student, this is stupid… the student goes home and tells the dad that the teacher called me stupid, the dad calls the OCS plus the education minister and heads to the school, the police rough up the teacher from class to an awaiting car, the students cheer on… and then the following day, the teacher is either sacked or transferred to north eastern…that’s how motivated our teachers are nowadays”


“so the stand off will end this way, teachers have no motivation to follow up with kids.. and that’s the future of our education system, corrupt leaders and above all STUPID PARENTHOOD”


“The whole hullabaloo is a cocktail of all stakeholders – Parents, Teachers and Students. Parents have no time for students, teachers are not motivated and Students have ati “rights” rights for who???”


“hii maneno ya baby, you got 20% dont worry ull get 80% next time just work hard blablabla… wachieni wazungu”

“Guy I think the striking issue is not by the students but by the teachers who are trying to sabotage the change of the curriculum”

From the above conversation, I can easily summarize it as below:

  1. Stupid parenthood. The parents of our current generation no longer have time for their kids. They’re more after chasing money and getting that ‘life’ they never had but they forget that their own kids need counseling and instilling of discipline. Growing up, my parents (Gen X) were very busy people but my siblings and I never dared to do any such act that would warrant my parents to come to school for a disciplinary hearing. I remember this one time in boarding primary school, guess class 8 where I was caught by the Deputy Principal sneaking in food after attending games. During parents day, my dad whipped the living daylights out of me and trust me I never made him come back again.
  2. Teachers are demotivated. The demotivation is so real that they no longer care what students do, furthermore it’s now illegal to cane students. It’d be no surprise to find that the teachers are the real masterminds behind these students’ unrest, probably in rebellion against the recent curriculum change.
  3. Peer pressure. The sense to belong. One major characteristic of these millennials is that they want to have a sense of belonging. To feel cool and appreciated among peers. Students will go on strike just because their fellow comrades from a nearby school have gone on strike. Sigh! 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈


We’ve been too lenient on these kids; bending to their ‘rights’ too much has allowed this moral decay to spread like a wildfire in the schools. These ‘rights’ have damaged the system so much that we no longer fear that elephant-sized principal just because s/he is not allowed to discipline us. This level of disrespect has gone a little bit too far. It’s time the government brought back corporal punishment. Yes. It was abused before but if monitored and controlled it will yield results. This kind of decay if not checked will easily make its way back to the Universities and we are back at competing which university organizes the most effective student unrest.


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