Mentor 101 hosts BrickHouse Concepts

Yesterday was another momentous day for Mentor 101. It successfully held its 7th Edition, months after hosting Gilad Millo in February. The guest this time being Grishon Ngari a.k.a Shawn, a scrap metal art maker. His kind of art is one that’s pretty rare to see but the creativity that goes into the art pieces he’s made over the past one year is one of a kind.

Grishon, Founder & CEO, Brick House Concepts

“Let’s all be upstanding” the SAA (Sergeant at Arms) ordered calling the meeting to order. I end the Rotary protocols with the 6th object of Rotaract “To motivate young people for eventual membership in Rotary” With the necessary protocols done, Grishon was introduced to present his talk to the attending Rotaractors.

Hi, my name is Grishon Ngari but you can call me Shawn if you find Grishon too hard to pronounce,” he started off his presentation. “I’m a scrap metal art dealer i.e. I collect unwanted metal pieces and convert them into beautiful art pieces“.

a candle holder



Grishon proved to be a very interesting speaker, owing to the numerous questions coming from the attending rotaractors. It was such an interactive session that, due to limited time, his presentation and the numerous Q&As had to be cut short but ending with riddle that saw the winner grab a hut-customized candle holder.

And how better than to end such an amazing session with 4KG of sweet black-forest cake? Being the end of the second quarter for the Great Rotaract Club of Nairobi Club, it’s is customary to celebrate Quarter 2 babies birthdays and recognize exceptional members of the club who’ve excelled in achieving the club’s goals and objectives as well as Rotaract’s.


With the sweet cake sitting at the bottom of our bellies, the 7th edition of Mentor 101, not only happy because of the cake but also of the inspiration brought by Grishon.

Viva Rotary!



Photo credits goes to my friend and my official photographer Dennis Mavingo a.k.a Etown Pictures


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