A Letter To My Future Wife

In high school, I remember, we used to write these love letter to our girlfriends in our sister school and I was never left behind in such; I was actually consulted on how best to write a letter. Well, today I have decided to write one, to my future wife, whom I’m yet to meet-someday.

Dear Love,

When God wanted to create a woman for Adam, he took one of Adam’s ribs and created a woman, Eve. Since then, man has been without one rib. And that’s no exception to me-I do miss one rib. But do you know where this rib is? You are my missing rib. Having you makes me complete and we become one.

I long to have you here by my side; to gaze upon your sky-blue eyes, to write poems on your great physique that makes Mariah Carey purple with envy ,and to mesmerize on your golden beauty.

I count myself blessed to have you, my wife. The first day I met you, my mind and my heart went in unison, ‘SHE’S THE ONE’. Getting that first kiss from you after our first date, breathed into me a new life, and I knew I wanted you to be part of my new life.

As I conclude this enchantment episode, I look forward to seeing you, my love.

Miss you.

Yours in love,



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