The Savior is Here

Alas, the much awaited ‘savior’ is here – Dr. Fred Matiangi. Ever since his transfer to the Education Ministry, there are a lot of notable changes, and not the ones we presume to be PR stunts but impactful changes. I remember after being appointed as Education CS, he took the initiative of visiting schools to inspect and see for himself the real situation on the ground – like who has ever done that. His predecessors relied on media reports or some underpaid school inspector for updates on what’s happening in the schools. Then he suspended the KNEC board for the ever-ending exam cheating! Damn! He got…!


The past week there’s been a lot of fuss with his new directives to curb exam cheating. Now, I know we all got a right to opinion but we really have to give it up for this man – he has done what no other person thought of doing for the last decade. Probably there was someone who thought of it but there’s a difference between thinking and actually doing it – it’s what differentiates a successful rich person from a poor man.

His directives have been termed illegal, controversial, unconstitutional blah blah blah! I totally agree with him on completely cutting off social activities in third term (though prayers day joh). It is during these social events that leaks are shared among schools and parents get to leave their kids behind with phones. I have seen this happen, not during my time (fortunately for me I was in a private day school) but some of the school I’ve gotten to visit during Third Term parents were actually leaving mobile phones with their kids weeks to the exams. I understand the importance of being with your child just as s/he is about to make an important decision in life but there are certain aspects we can’t ignore – like for instance, the urge for every parent to see his/her kid succeed and some parents may go the extra mile to achieve by any means possible. And this actually makes it an unfair playing field for the ‘less’ fortunate kids who have to wake up early in the morning, soak their legs in basins of cold water just to be as equally successful .

Another directive I support is the shortening of the school holidays. Well, I know I may come heavy criticism from parents considering am yet to become one but it does make sense to some point. I have never understood why parents never like having their kids for a longer period at home except for the element of cost but hey! They’re your bloody kids! I have seen parents who curse whenever the December holiday gets extended or teachers go on strike and kids have to stay at home for an extra week or two, for the sole reason “wanaharibu budget”. Then if they did, why get a kid in the first place. I adore kids and I’d always hate seeing off my kid to boarding school when the new term begins – it felt the same thing whenever my kid sister would go off to boarding school – a complete vacuum! So parents, rejoice in this new directive as you get to see your child grow an inch every new day. Someone once told me that in life we don’t regret the things we did but the things we never got to do.

Bwana Waziri, don’t mind the haters’ and mouth mongers. They’ve been since the beginning of time and they’ll always been there. For every right thing you do there’s a just reward in return.



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