The Silent Treatment

Reading my today’s paper in the office, a familiar face enters carrying a tray of my mid-morning tea with a disconsolate face glued on her face which was an opposite of her jovial mood that I was acustomed to.

“Hey, what’s up?” I ask her as I beckon her to sit down.

“I’m stressed Vic. My guy isn’t talking to me nor responding to my texts… Does he want to move on or what’s wrong? What’s the guy’s pespective of being silent?”

A pretty hard question to answer, as ladies are best known for the ‘silent treatment’ and they’re pretty good at it. But men also initiate the silent treatment for various reasons of which I can only think of two. Either of which, they create more problems than actually solving them.


1. I want to break up with you but I also don’t want to hurt you.

This is the most obvious reason for a guy to initiate the silent treatment though a really cowardly move. When guys are fed up or unhappy with a relationship and they don’t want to confront their partners on it, they usually initiate the silent treatment, justifying to themselves it’s a great thing and it’s a solution towards a happier life probably with someone else. In the contrary, it does not only show you as a coward but it’s a virus that becomes part of you and will create more problems in future relationships as one will always opt for it opposed to facing the problem head on.

2. I’m stressed out and I want to be alone

It’s quite rare for a guy to go all silent just because he’s stressed but it does happen. Whatever might be stressing him out, he’s not yet ready to share it out with his bae and at times, if the ‘problem’ takes a heavy toll on him, he switches off from the world including his relationship, putting his energy and focus to sorting himself out. This is a pretty bad move considering ladies may not be as understanding as we’d want them to be, taking this a decision to shelf them out of a section of your life and at times leads the relationship crumbling down.

Whatever your reason may be to give your girl the cold shoulder, give communication a chance first.



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