My Great RCNP Family

If someone three years ago told me I’d be working my butt off in great city under the sun, I would have slapped them from here to Kingdom come (hehe)!. slapI remember I always told my friends that I would forever live and work in Embu but it seemed fate had other plans in store for me.

I moved to Nairobi over a year ago to start on a new journey of my career, leaving my friends 129KMs away. I hardly knew anyone in Nairobi apart from the family members I had and nearly all of them lived in the diaspora estates apart from my cousin who was so gracious to accomodate me in the first few weeks.

The first few weeks were hard and extremely lonely- my daily schedule would home>office>home. I didn’t know anyone else outside my family to hang out with over the weekends. But that all changed when I met a group of young lads and lasses who later on became my new family of friends.

My first interaction with them was when I hosted the great Larry Madowo for my second edition of Mentor 101 at their club and the experience AMAZIIIIIIING!!!!

Some of the RCNP members during the Larry event
Some of the RCNP members during the Larry event

Rotaract Club isn’t just a group of young people from diverse backgrounds and professions, but it’s a family and this is what RCNP (Rotaract Club of Nairobi Parklands) is and it’s evidently shown in their fellowships to each and every activity they’ve undertaken as a club. I had the honor of joining them for their annual bonding activity at the Karura Forest which, besides being a learning experience, I also got to make new friends. It was from this hangout at this highly protected forest reserve that I made resolve to become a Parkie.

Joining them in their subsequent fellowships (swallowship) was not only fun but it also deepened my knowledge of Rotary. It’s that club I recommend for any young person living in Nairobi or moving to Nairobi and wishes to develop their profession while still having some fun.


#vivaRotary #RotaryServingHumanity


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