One on One with This Guy Muto


Two months ago, my best friend interviewed me on my flagship project, Mentor 101 and here’s the story…

Being a youth in Kenya is probably one of the hardest stages at the moment. Unemployment being one of the biggest challenges one can ever think of…

But personally lack of direction among the youth seems to me like the biggest challenge of them all. Most youth out there have no ambition, direction and absolutely no sense of belonging..

I urge you to try mentor 101… Its a proffesional development project inspired by the rotaract guidelines of community service, targeting young minds for mentorship.

The project was started by Rotaractor Victor Muto, the Assistant Public Relations Director for Rotaract District In Kenya and Mercy Ngala, Chairlady for Rotaract District 9212 District Conference & Assembly 2016.



Muto says his inspiration came about after a survey he conducted showed that most Rotaract clubs don’t put as much energy and focus on proffesional development projects as they do on community service ones.

The idea was to partner with Rotaract clubs countrywide and host a guest who has succeeded in their proffesion. The guest would then give a talk and pass on proffesional advice to youths looking for mentorship.

Almost a year later and mentor 101 has already hosted 5 successful sessions with guests like Larry Madowo, and Gilad as examples.

“The program has had its fair share of challenges, one of them being sophisticated guests”, says Muto. He insists that its not a rotaract project its for everybody. You don’t have to be a rotaractor to attend a meeting.

He says that he aspires to host the President of the republic of Kenya and probably host a session outside the country. Muto says he wasn’t the only one contributing to the project.. He names the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Parklands as his biggest contributors.

So in case your interested in attending  a session make sure you visit the mentor 101 page on Facebook and get updated on the guests and upcoming session


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