Meet Dennis, My Photographer

Dennis and Beato

To most of us his friends we best know him Mavingo, and to everyone, he’s Etown Pictures. He’s a freelance journalist, photographer and video producer, one of the very best from Ecity. When I started my Mentor 101 project, I partnered with him to be the official photographer for the project and his works have never disappointed.

His works:

IMG-20160125-WA0000IMG-20160125-WA0001IMG-20160125-WA0002IMG-20160125-WA0003IMG-20160125-WA0004IMG-20160125-WA0005IMG-20160125-WA0006IMG-20160125-WA0007IMG-20160125-WA0008IMG-20160125-WA0009IMG-20160125-WA0010IMG-20160125-WA0011IMG-20160210-WA0000IMG-20160210-WA0001IMG-20160210-WA0002IMG-20160210-WA0003IMG-20160210-WA0004IMG-20160210-WA0005IMG-20160210-WA0006IMG-20160210-WA0007Copy of IMG_1048Copy of IMG_1049IMG_1041IMG_1052IMG_1054IMG_1055IMG_1120IMG_1125IMG_1127IMG_1130IMG_1136IMG_1143IMG_1146IMG_1147IMG_1154IMG_1159IMG_1160IMG_1206IMG_1224IMG_1236IMG_1255IMG_1285IMG_1290IMG_1298IMG_1303IMG_1304IMG_1305IMG_1307IMG_1316IMG_1329IMG_1383

See more is his works on his Instagram page here


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